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Project Go Events

We are Michigans Premiere Event Booking Agenciy 

One Phone Call Is All It Takes! 

Get your audience jumping out of the conversation box


What Makes Us Different?


We build your event with a dedicated marketing team

Can Your Provider Offer You This?


All of our clients gain access to our partnered Roku Channel.

Hands Off Approach For Our Clients.


Enjoy a fully automated marketing campaign backed by unmatched services and you get us Project Go!


Imagine a world where instead of having so many moving parts in your business all duct-taped together trying to work as one…

You had almost everything all in one easy, drag, and drop place!

Then, on top of that, imagine having extra groundbreaking built-in features like automatic SEO capabilities, built-in legal and compliance, 3x faster page loading speeds than your competitors, full-blown marketing commercials, and advertising campaigns to give you the edge above your competition.

That's who Project Go Events Is...

Drop Funnels Mockup

If you want to make that dream a reality Project Go Events Today:

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